Application Form for the Initial Certification Audit of one of the worldwide recognized Certification Bodies: ATC AUSTRIA, to obtain the international ISO Certificate of your field:

ISO 23155:2022 Interpreting services — Conference interpreting — Requirements and recommendations
ISO 17100 for Translation Service Providers,
ISO 13611 for Interpretation Service Providers,
ISO 18587 for Machine Translation-Post-editing,
ISO 18841 for Interpretation Services
ISO 21998 for Healthcare Interpreting
ISO 20771 for Legal Translation
ISO 20228:2019  Legal Interpreting — Requirements
ISO 21720:2017   XLIFF (XML Localization interchange file format)
ISO 22259:2019  Conference systems — Equipment — Requirements
ISO/PAS 24019:2020 Simultaneous interpreting delivery platforms
ISO 2603:2016  Simultaneous interpreting — Permanent booths — Requirements
ISO 4043:2016 Simultaneous interpreting — Mobile booths — Requirements
ISO/TS 11669:2012 Translation projects — General guidance
ISO 20109:2016 Simultaneous interpreting — Equipment — Requirements
ISO 20108:2017 Simultaneous Interpreting Quality and Transmission of Sound and Image
ISO 9001:2015  Quality management systems — Requirements



Certification Body

Attn. Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim
Senior Lead Auditor

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