Orientation session on ISO Translation Certification






Orientation session on ISO Translation Certification

ISO Standards

  • ISO 17100:2015 – Translation Services-Requirements
  • ISO 18587: 2017 – MT Post Editing
  • ISO 13611: 2015 – Guidelines for Community Interpreting


Combined Certifications

  • LICS ISO 17100 & ISO 18587
  • LICS ISO 17100 & TUV Austria ISO 9001


Key-note speaker

Dr. Mohamed Ali-Ibrahim

Director Middle East of The Austrian Standards plus Certification

Director Skills Center Arab World, Vienna – Austria

Since 1998 Trainer & Lead Auditor Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2008

Lead Auditor & Certification Partner of TUV AUSTRIA

Incite Accredited Management Consultant on Intercultural, Quality & Export Management

TQM Coach & EFQM Assessor

Quality Manager & Lead Auditor on ISO 27001 Information Security System


International certifications and global attendance in translation industry

Miles Stones

  • Importance of standardization in translation industry.
  • History of international certifications in translation industry.
  • International standards for translation OPEs and Corporate.
  • Unique combination of ISO standards on translation.

Mr. Ahmed Elmiligy

Co-founder and operation manager of WGE

FBM & Marketing Manager of EAGLS.

+15 years of experience in the language industry as global resource and localization project manager.

Participated in execution of multilingual projects from and into more than 150 languages around the world



Quality Standards in Translation Project Management


  • The value of translation project management.
  • Standardizing the work process.
  • Benefits of standardized project management skills.


The orientation session is best for:

  • Translation Graduates
  • In-house, Freelance translators
  • Localizers, Localization staff
  • Community Interpreter
  • Translation PMs,
  • Translation offices, agencies and corporate



  • Orientation on all certification concepts and steps.
  • Expert consultation (Q&A) to your career path and certification.
  • Variety of subjects including translation, localization, project management, standardization and professionalism.
  • Have the knowledge on the best mindset for translators, localizers and translation agencies and corporate.
  • Expanding career and business opportunities to global spheres.
  • Exchange knowledge and insights to your career needs and requirements.
  • Exposure to professional league towards business concepts and milestones.
  • Early bird discounts and privileges to attendees register at the session venue.


Top benefits

  • Unique combination of ISO standard package
  • Ongoing and hourly expert support in all business matters
  • Become a member of the ISO certification family and professional league
  • Close interaction and brainstorming with experts for your business development

Meets the Experts

Mr. Sameh Al-Sharqawi

ISO 17100 Lead Auditor

LICS ISO 17100 Certified Translation Service Provider

CAT Tools and Terminology Management Expert

UN and World Bank Registered Translation Vendor

DTP Specialist and Certified Localizer


Practical examples of the skills and know-how of an ISO 17100 Certified Translation Provider



  • Needs and requirements for Translation Service Provider
  • Importance of certification for TPS; OPE and Corporate
  • Winning mindset for TSP achievements

Highlighting the ISO Standards:

  • LICS ISO 17100 for medical translators
  • LICS ISO 13611 for Community Interpreters
  • TUV Austria ISO 9001 for medical community

Mr. Ahmad Mutamad,

CEO of TRANSTEC Translation

Former General Manager of MTC

LICS/IQ+C ISO 17100 Lead Auditor

+15-year experience in translation, localization and language industry

Senior Translator, Reviewer, and Content Writer



The future of human translation in an expandable MT-dominated industry 



  • Machine translation and market changes.
  • Highlights on the newly issued ISO 18587 on MT Posting editing.
  • Current situation and need for competitive privileges.
  • Importance of certification and global expansion
  • Importance of certification for TPS; OPE and Corporate
  • Winning mindset for TSP achievements

Mrs. Julia Goncharik

  • Co-founder and customer relations manager at WGE.
  • Graduated from Belarussian State Economic University and Minsk State Linguistic University.
  • +20 years of experience in language industry
  • Speaks English, German and some Arabic.
  • Solid experience in education, language industry and public relations.
  • Managed customer relations and account management of a big number of translation projects from and into more than 50 languages.



The value of quality standards as a marketing tool


  • The history of language quality standards.
  • Understanding the customer’s demand for quality.
  • The keyword: Quality Control.

Certification Bodies


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Date: 10 November 2018 at 12:00 – 1:30 a.m. (Attendance 15 minutes before)


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