Assessment Services for Quality Management in the Translation fields

Assessment Services for Quality Management covering all the ISO Standard Requirements in the Translation fields, like Assessment Service Delivery, client-oriented, Assessment Service Delivery, for Service Providers. Quality Assessment services are the systematic valuation of an organization’s quality management system (QMS).
A quality assessment is typically carried out by an internal or external quality assessment team. It is a key component of the ISO 9001:2015 quality system standard.


Assessment Services/Interpretation Assessment for firms and individual translators

Translation quality assessment services are available for both translation firms and individual translators and in both situations, certification is used to obtain the desired result of translation quality assessment service. For businesses, certification is based on the company's compliance with a quality standard and the standards themselves. As a result, these standards almost always specify the procedures that should be followed to achieve high-quality translation. Individual translator's assessment services are certified based on their ability to communicate effectively in their native language. It is also expected that translation assessment services would play a vital role in efforts to promote public acceptance of the profession and legal protection for translators. Although translation quality evaluation is becoming more critical, there is still much confusion and misinformation about the phrase.

Additionally, the process is still very subjective. Future work on translation quality assessment services must go beyond subjective, one-sided, or dogmatic judgments by setting intersubjective verifiable evaluating criteria based on large-scale empirical investigations. This will need to move beyond subjective, unjust, or opinionated decisions. To create ideas regarding why, how, and to what extent one translation is better than another, it is necessary to analyze large corpora of translations from and into many different languages. But, our focus is more on the operational procedures rather than the scientific background

Translation Quality Assessment

Assessments are usually conducted at agreed time intervals, ensuring that an organization has a clearly defined system for quality monitoring. They can also help determine whether an organization is compliant with the requirements of a specific quality management system.
Assessment is an oversight and monitoring activity that ensures a company’s QMS is effectively implemented, adequate, and adhered to. Without a person or team governing and reviewing the QMS, it would be difficult to detect and correct potential issues. Without an effective quality assessment function, the QMS program is incomplete

Assessment Services/Interpretation Assessment for firms and individual translators

To professionals working in the translation and localization sector Individuals, companies, or translation departments in institutions To all aspirants to achieve the requirements of the ISO standard ISO 17100: 2015 For Translation Service Providers, or any other desired Standard of the Translation industry.
Here are some questions
Do you find it difficult to escape from the daily work to start your certification program?
Do you like the experience to answer the many raised questions?
Do you read the requirements of the standard and can not apply them on the ground? or do you apply but don't know if it is correct in that way?
Do lack knowledge about the nature of documents, records, and necessary procedures to complete the preparation for the certification Assessment?
Do you have the feeling that you and your team need specialized training on the standard requirements for the proper application?
Do you have experience in dealing with the official Certification body, or with their certifying Lead Assessment?

All the answers to these questions and more can be found in
our Package:

- Preparation meeting(s)
- Assessment Coordination
- Assessment Program
- Onsite or Virtual: Documentation Check (Handbook, Procedures, Processes, Records)
- Onsite: Conducting the Assessment
- Assessment Report
- Full training for team members until they can apply the international standard requirements of the specific desired standard.
- Providing sample forms for all procedures, documents, and records
Including the quality manual and complete training to handle them.

Assessment Services offer Translation Specific Quality Management Assessment Services

Besides our assessment  services in General Quality Management, we also offer Translation Specific Quality Management assessment Services covering all the ISO Standard Requirements in the Translation fields, like Assessment Service Delivery, client-oriented, Assessment Service Delivery, for Service Providers

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Our Assessment Services include the following kinds of assessments:

Internal Assessment

By ISO, FDA, and other industry standards, companies must perform regular (usually annual) internal assessments of their quality management systems. We have an excellent and specialized team of Lead assessments to assist companies in internal Assessments of their quality management system against the requirements of one or more of the quality management, or Translation standards and/or internal requirements.

Our team is assigned to either perform a complete internal assessment of the entire quality management system or a partial assessment in which our independent auditors focus on specific areas of the quality system that may benefit from additional attention and/or cannot be performed internally due to potential conflicts of interest. We offer system, department, or process audits.

Our internal assessments provide regular and continuous monitoring of your current system and help you to achieve consistency and continuous improvement. The assessment scope is designed to the specific needs and requirements of clients.

Supplier Assessment

We can carry out on-site supplier assessments for your sake to guarantee that the activities you contracted with are carried out in agreement with your requirements and appropriate directions. Supplier assessment gives standard and nonstop checking of your supplier’s frameworks assists you in decreasing potential supply chain dangers and promotes continuous advancement exercises. The scope of our supplier audits can run from performing a single audit to overseeing the complete supplier audit program, counting remedial activities and follow-up activities.

The nearness of our assessment to your suppliers around the world guarantees that these assessments are carried out rapidly, with nearby specialists who speak the dialect and know the culture.


Pre-assessments are the first step in the process of an assessment. During a pre-assessment, the system documentation and different procedures and processes are examined to ensure that all information is correct and the system works properly before the company undergoes an official certification or supplier assessment. It is equal to which standard you are focusing on. Our team is well-trained in such assessment and will conduct an added-value pre-audit to focus on all possible gaps to avoid any unexpected and unpleasant surprises within the very important certification, recertification, or supplier audit.

Why Pre-Assessment?

Most importantly, pre-assessment gives companies a chance to catch and correct system and documentation errors on their own before they are caught by an independent 3rd party assessment or through a supplier assessment. A pre-assessment of your specific standard may give your team the confidence to deal with the lead assessment of the certification audit later on during the initial certification process. The pre-assessment is the final stage in preparing for a successful certification or recertification audit.

Diagnostic Assessment

Diagnostic assessment focuses on GAP findings against the specific ISO Standard. It’s an early stage to complete the system documentation and procedures to enter the pre-assessment or even directly the certification assessment.