ISO Certified Translation Certification: To all aspirants to achieve the ISO Certificates of the Fields in Certified Translation

ISO 17100 ISO 18587, ISO 18841, ISO 20771, ISO 13611, ISO 21998, Or any other Standard of the field

Certified Translation service providers, especially specialized translators, are required to adhere to the ISO 17100 2015 standard. The needs include translators and revisers quality assurance, information security, and repeatable procedures. Our compliance ensures that the consumer receives high quality and safety from us.

A certified translation team set procedures early on to ensure that their clients received translations that were linguistically right and stylistically and technically accurate compared to the original material. Many of the leaders of well-managed translation companies always hear them saying: “We were already meeting many of the standards before receiving certification, so it was a logical next step to have our high-quality products formally recognized”.

At a glance, these are the benefits of working with an ISO-certified translation service provider:

  1. Transparent procedures and unambiguous terms and conditions
  2. Competent language specialists and project managers provide high-quality service.
  3. Processes for quality assurance and information security that have been tried and tested
  4. Customer input is used to adapt projects to their needs, and projects are archived effectively and securely.
ISO Certification Services
iso certification

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Certified Translation, Interpretation, Machine Translation, and Localization Services

Checks and balances must be in place in a global marketplace. Otherwise, consistency and quality would be difficult to maintain across industries and nations. International standards contribute to maintaining a level playing field, and ISO is one such body.

Does your company need ISO certification?

For companies in some industries, ISO certification may be required by law or contractually. Even if that’s not the case, conforming to ISO standards has many benefits for businesses:

  • Saving time and money by identifying and solving recurring problems
  • Improving system and process efficiency
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Being more competitive when tendering for contracts
  • Getting more value out of all resources
  • Boosting your credibility in the eyes of your customers

To professionals working in the Certified Translation and Localization sectors: Individuals, Companies, Agencies, or Translation Departments in Institutions

To all aspirants to achieve the ISO Certification of the Fields:

  •  ISO 17100 for Translation Services
  •  ISO 18587 for Machine Translation
  •  ISO 18841 for Interpretation Services
  • ISO 21998 for Healthcare Interpreting
  •  ISO 20771 for Legal Translation
  • ISO 13611 for Community Interpreting Or any other Standard of the field (s)

Here are some questions about the Certified Translation/ Localization certification program

  • Do you find it difficult to escape from the daily work to start your certification program?
  • Do you lack the experience to answer the many raised questions?
  • Do you read the requirements of the standard and can not apply them on the ground? Or you apply but you don't know if it is correct in that way?
  • Do you lack knowledge about the nature of documents, records, and necessary procedures to complete the preparation for the Translation, Interpretation, Machine Translation, and Localization Services, or Certification Audit?
  • Do you have the feeling that you and your team need specialized training on the standard requirements for the proper application?
  • Do you lack experience in dealing with the official Certification Body or their certifying Lead Auditor?

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