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ATC Certification: Your Premier Partner for ISO Standards in the Translation Industry

Welcome to ATC Certification: Your Trusted Partner in the Translation Industry

At ATC Certification, we are dedicated to providing top-tier certification services that meet the highest international standards. Our focus is on ensuring that organizations achieve excellence through rigorous quality management and comprehensive auditing processes.
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Meet Our Expert: Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim

We are proud to have Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim as our Senior Lead Auditor, responsible for the German-speaking countries. Dr. Ibrahim brings an unparalleled level of expertise and experience to our team, having conducted over 500 international quality audits across various ISO standards.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • International Audits: +500 quality audits for different ISO standards.
  • Quality & Risk Management: Deep expertise in both quality and risk management.
  • Intercultural Skills: Strong ability to navigate and manage cultural differences.
  • Management Consulting: Extensive experience in providing strategic management consulting.
  • Academic Background:
    • Master in Translation Studies
    • Master in Interpretation
    • Ph.D. in Quality & Risk Management

Honours and Awards:

    • Austrian State Award
    • International German Award
    • SABRE International Award (PR Oscar)
    • Best Practice Award, Vienna-Austria

    Publications: Dr. Ibrahim is also a prolific author with over 50 books available on Amazon, covering topics in Business Administration, Quality Management, and Translation Science.

ATC Certification – Ensuring Excellence Through Quality.

Why Choose ATC Certification?

Our certification body is uniquely specialized in the translation industry, ensuring that we understand the specific needs and challenges of your business. We provide a comprehensive range of services tailored to help organizations achieve and maintain high standards of quality.

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