ISO Certification Services

Certification Services

To be certified by the International Certification Body ATC creates trust and is objective proof of the quality of the products or services you deliver. We provide Certification Audits

assessment services

Assessment Services

We provide Assessment services in the specific fields of Translation, Interpretation, and Localization. We offer all kinds of Assessment Services from the Internal Assessment  Process

Translation, Localization, and Interpretation Standards for Quality Assurance of the provided services

When businesses see that ISO translation standards, ISO localization standards, or Interpretation Agencies follow these rigorous standards, they can be assured that they are receiving quality translation, localization, or interpretation services. If these industry standards for translation, interpretation, or localization did not exist, the service client is likely to receive poor, amateur quality. If the company were unfamiliar with the language, they would have no way of knowing that they were advertising or providing a product with an inaccurate and perhaps culturally irrelevant translation. Specific industries have more stringent standards. Medical translation or interpretation services require different measures to be observed.

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Translation ISO Standards

Interpreting ISO Standards

Management System Standards

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

ISO 27001 Information security management systems

ISO 14001 Environmental management systems

ISO 22301 Business continuity management systems

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Contact Us and book a strategic meeting to discuss the details of a Certification Audit. This free meeting session is only for organizations, not for freelancers

Frequently Asked Question

How does the audit be conducted?

Face-to-face interviews with the management and team members. A site visit must be arranged to inspect the infrastructure, work environment, etc.

When will be the coming audit?

Upon completion of your documentation (theoretical part), we agree on an interview date according to the trip plan of the auditor.

Is Tax ID required for certification?

Not a must in the case of OPE, but as a TSP, yes.


“Although translation is as ancient as human civilization, it still lacks scientific rules, standards, or norms to define a good translation. We seek to scientifically establish rules and standards and incorporate them directly into our business to test their effectiveness and applicability.”

Manager & Lead Auditor, Austrian-Arabic@aon.at

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