ISO 18587:2017

Translation Services -Post-Editing of machine translation output -Requirements

ISO 18587:2017 is an international standard that sets guidelines for the post-editing of machine-translation output. It outlines the competencies and qualifications required for post-editors, as well as the quality criteria that must be met for the final edited content. The standard provides recommendations for ensuring consistency, accuracy, and readability in post-edited machine translation texts. ISO 18587:2017 aims to establish a framework for effective post-editing practices, thereby enhancing the overall quality and usability of machine-translated content across various domains and industries.

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About ISO 18587 Post-editing of Machine Translation Output

ISO 18587:2017 is an International Standard that provides requirements for the post-editing of machine-translation output.

Here are some key points about ISO 18587:

1. Scope: The standard focuses on defining the tasks, skills, and competencies required for post-editing machine-translation output. It applies to professional translators, language service providers, and organizations that engage in post-editing activities.

2. Definitions: ISO 18587:2017 defines key terms related to post-editing, machine translation, and related concepts to ensure clarity and consistency in understanding the standard.

3. Post-Editing Process: The standard outlines the steps involved in the post-editing process, including assessing machine translation quality, making necessary edits to improve fluency, accuracy, and readability, and finalizing the edited text for delivery.

4. Competencies and Qualifications: ISO 18587 specifies the competencies and qualifications required for post-editors, including language proficiency, translation skills, technical knowledge, and familiarity with machine translation systems.

5. Quality Assurance: The standard emphasizes the importance of quality assurance measures throughout the post-editing process, including assessing the quality of machine translation output, implementing appropriate editing strategies, and verifying the accuracy and consistency of the edited text.


6. Client Requirements: ISO 18587 addresses the responsibilities of clients or organizations that request post-editing services, including providing clear instructions, defining quality expectations, and communicating feedback to post-editors.

7. Ethical Considerations: The standard includes considerations for ethical behavior and professional conduct in post-editing, such as respecting confidentiality, maintaining impartiality, and adhering to industry standards and best practices.

ISO 18587:2017 aims to provide a standardized framework for post-editing machine translation output, ensuring consistency, quality, and effectiveness in the post-editing process. By following the requirements and recommendations outlined in the standard, organizations, and language service providers can enhance the efficiency and reliability of post-editing services, ultimately improving the overall quality of translated content.

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