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ISO 20228 for Legal Interpretation


Hello, Legal Interpretation Professionals, Are you familiar with the new standard published by The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) on legal interpreting in April 2019 and its significance? This standard establishes the basic principles and practices of legal interpreting services and specifies the competencies of legal interpreters. It also describes the various legal settings and provides recommendations for the corresponding interpreting modes. It is applicable to all parties involved in facilitating [...]

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ISO 20771 certification for legal translation services


How significant is ISO 20771 certification for legal translation services providers? Multilingual communities and global businesses have increased the requests of legal departments dramatically over the last few decades. As more private ventures contact international audiences, caseloads start to accumulate. Law offices not just depend on language translation agencies and expert legal interpreters to deliver high-quality and exact content inside quick turnaround times but also expect them to be exact and have [...]

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What is 1SO 18841 for interpreting services?


ISO 18841 builds up criteria and suggestions for community interpreting during oral and signed communication that empowers admittance to services for individuals who have limited skill in the language of such services. The standard also gives direction to the arrangement of network interpreting services. It builds up and gives the principles and practices important to guarantee quality network interpreting services for all language networks, for end-users, just as for requesters, and service [...]

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The importance of ISO 18587 for Machine Translation service providers


Machine translation, undoubtedly is a time and cost-efficient addition to human translation. Many thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Translation (MT) is gaining immense popularity in the translation industry. Just like human translation, machine translation also has different levels of quality, and it can be further improved by ‘post-editing’. The growth in machine translation has in turn given rise to job profiles in language service providers. What is ISO 18587 and what it [...]

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ISO 17100 for Translation Services


ISO 17100: Raising the bar for Translation Services While choosing a translation partner, you want to be reassured that you are working with a secured service provider to make sure that the translation is correct.  Why You Should Check For ISO 17100 while working with a translation service provider? ISO 17100 is an international standard that makes sure that the ascribed translation services provider works to the preset Quality Management Systems. It [...]

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ISO 17100: Setting the Bar High for Translation Service Providers


International Standards are recognized in an incredibly broad range of industries. They seek to establish a set of requirements, specifications, guidelines, or characteristics that will be consistently applied to the product or service that you are procuring from an organization. The purpose is to help improve confidence that what you are paying for will be fit for purpose. ISO 17100, the set of global standards designed for the translation industry, has raised [...]

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The Annual Audit for ISO 17100 for Transtec Translation Company


ISO 17100 on translation services – requirements ISO 9001:2015 quality management system Surveillance audit The specifications included in the review: - ISO 17100 - Requirements for Translation Services - ISO 9001 - Quality Management System Authorized international auditor: Dr. Mohammed Ali Ibrahim, ISO 17100 - Certified Translation Services and Certified Auditor for ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System. Services included: Translation services On April 26, 2017 TransTech successfully passed the annual review of [...]

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Why ISO 17100 Certified Translators Is Essential


The importance of a standard to adhere to when working within the field of translation is impossible to overestimate, since working across different languages requires a firm grip on the process at every step of the way. Without such a stylistic ballast, translators can very easily fall prey to the perennial ‘lost in translation’ problem. This is why it’s important to appreciate the importance of working with ISO 17100 certified translation agencies, [...]