ISO 20108:2017 Simultaneous Interpreting – Quality and Transmission of sound and image input – Requirements

In simultaneous interpreting, sound input is the interpreter’s most important source of information. The speaker's image and all visual materials used in the conference are almost as important.

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About ISO 20108:2017 Simultaneous Interpreting – Quality and Transmission of sound and image input – Requirements

ISO 20108:2017 is an International Standard that specifies requirements for the quality and transmission of sound and image input in simultaneous interpreting settings.

Here are some key points about ISO 20108:2017:

1. Scope: The standard focuses on the technical aspects related to the quality and transmission of sound and image input in simultaneous interpreting environments. It applies to various types of events where simultaneous interpreting is used, such as conferences, meetings, and multilingual gatherings.

2. Quality Requirements: ISO 20108:2017 outlines requirements for the quality of sound and image input used by interpreters during simultaneous interpreting. This includes parameters such as clarity, intelligibility, volume levels, and absence of distortion or interference.

3. Transmission Requirements: The standard specifies requirements for the transmission of sound and image input from the source (e.g., speaker or presenter) to the interpreter's location. This encompasses aspects such as audiovisual equipment, signal processing, transmission channels (e.g., cables, wireless systems), and compatibility with interpreting consoles and other devices used by interpreters.

4. Technical Specifications: ISO 20108:2017 provides technical specifications and performance criteria for equipment and systems involved in transmitting sound and image input in simultaneous interpreting setups. This includes microphones, speakers, amplifiers, cameras, displays, projectors, and related audiovisual components.

5. Interoperability: The standard addresses interoperability requirements to ensure seamless integration and compatibility between different components and systems used in simultaneous interpreting environments. This includes considerations for equipment from different manufacturers and compatibility with industry standards.

6. Quality Assurance: ISO 20108:2017 emphasizes the importance of quality assurance measures to verify compliance with the specified requirements for sound and image input in simultaneous interpreting. This may involve testing, calibration, monitoring, and maintenance of equipment to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

By adhering to the requirements outlined in ISO 20108:2017, organizations, equipment manufacturers, and service providers can ensure the quality, reliability, and effectiveness of sound and image input in simultaneous interpreting environments, ultimately contributing to successful multilingual communication and interpretation during events.

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