ISO 22259:2019 Conference Systems -Equipment-Requirements

This specifies requirements for typical conference systems, the parts they are composed of, the auxiliary devices necessary for their use (such as microphones, headphones, and sound reinforcement equipment), and the environment in which they are used. These requirements ensure interoperability and optimum performance under conditions of regular operation.

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About ISO 22259:2019 Conference Systems

ISO 22259:2019 is an International Standard that specifies the requirements for conference systems equipment.

This standard outlines the technical specifications and performance criteria that conference systems equipment must meet to ensure functionality, interoperability, and reliability in conference settings. It covers various components of conference systems, including but not limited to:

1. Audio equipment such as microphones, speakers, and audio processing units.
2. Visual equipment including displays, projectors, and screens.
3. Control units and interfaces for managing conference proceedings.
4. Communication infrastructure such as cabling, networking, and signal transmission systems.
5. Recording and documentation equipment for capturing and archiving conference proceedings.

ISO 22259:2019 aims to provide a comprehensive framework for the design, manufacture, and deployment of conference systems equipment, enabling effective communication and collaboration in conference environments. Compliance with this standard ensures that conference systems meet the necessary technical requirements for seamless operation and optimal performance during conferences and similar events.

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