ISO 24019:2022 Simultaneous interpreting delivery platforms - Requirements and recommendations

This standard specifies requirements and recommendations for using simultaneous interpreting delivery platforms at communicative events where interpreters are not at the same venue as participants, speakers, and signers.

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About ISO 24019:2022 Simultaneous interpreting delivery platforms

ISO 24019:2022 specifies requirements and recommendations for the utilization of simultaneous interpreting delivery platforms in scenarios where interpreters are not physically present at the same venue as participants, speakers, or signers during communicative events.

Key aspects covered by this standard include:

1. Technical Specifications: Requirements for the design, functionality, and performance of simultaneous interpreting delivery platforms to ensure seamless communication between interpreters and participants in remote settings.

2. User Interface Design: Recommendations for the user interface of the platform to facilitate ease of use for interpreters, speakers, signers, and participants, including considerations for accessibility and user experience.

3. Network and Connectivity Requirements: Guidelines for network infrastructure, bandwidth, and connectivity to support real-time audio and video transmission between remote locations.

4. Security and Data Privacy: Requirements for ensuring the security and privacy of communication on the platform, including encryption, authentication, and data protection measures.

5. Interoperability: Recommendations for interoperability with other communication systems and devices commonly used in simultaneous interpreting setups, such as interpreting consoles, microphones, and audiovisual equipment.

6. Quality Assurance: Guidelines for monitoring and maintaining audio and video quality to ensure clear and accurate interpretation during communicative events.

7. Training and Support: Recommendations for training materials and technical support services to assist interpreters, speakers, signers, and participants in using the platform effectively.

By adhering to the requirements and recommendations outlined in ISO 24019:2022, organizations and service providers can ensure the successful implementation and operation of simultaneous interpreting delivery platforms in remote communication settings, thereby facilitating effective multilingual communication and accessibility for participants in various communicative events.

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