ISO 4043:2016 Simultaneous Interpreting- Mobile booths- Requirements

This Online Workshop provides requirements and recommendations for manufacturing mobile simultaneous interpreting booths. The main features of mobile booths that distinguish them from permanent simultaneous interpreting booths are that they can be dismantled, moved, and set up in a conference room not equipped with permanent booths. This Online Workshop also ensures the usability and accessibility of booths for all interpreters, including those with special needs.

Online Workshop with the international ISO Certificate:

 International Certified ISO 4043:2016 Simultaneous interpreting-Mobile booths experts

Be one of the worldwide first internationally recognized ISO 4043:2016  Simultaneous Interpreters and show your specific expertise as an extinguished insider. We offer the certification process for organizations and freelancers.

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A number of essential aspects must be considered when designing and/or using mobile booths. As interpreting is an activity that requires high concentration, stress factors have to be avoided, and the working environment accordingly has to meet the highest ergonomic standards and provide an environment that enables interpreters to carry out their work correctly. 

What Participants said about the Workshop

Maryam Alaboud, Translator - KSA

إن الحمدلله أولاً وأخيراً،

حصلت على شهادة الآيزو 17100 في جودة خدمات الترجمة للأفراد
كل الشكر لكل من ساندني وشجعني وعلى رأسهم الدكتور الفاضل Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim، أشكر له مهنيته وتفانيه وحرصه الشديد على أن تسير جلسات التقييم بالشكل الاحترافي الأمثل.

Thank God first and foremost,

I got the ISO 17100 Certificate in the quality of translation services for individuals

All thanks to all those who supported me and encouraged me, led by Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim, I thank him for his professionalism, dedication, and  .keenness that the evaluation sessions go in such a professional way.

Maha Alfaleh

Felwa Almazyad
Translator at SDAIA | سدايا

I’m pleased to announce that I have a certification of #iso #iso17100 17100:2015-05
Special thanks to Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim for his support and guidance during the journey.

Aura AlMutlaq
Riyadh - KSA

Dear Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim
I am very honored to have this golden opportunity with you, this course was extremely enriching and has widened my view on many aspects.
My utmost gratitude,

Complete the course and showcase your success with the International ISO 4043:2016 Certificate.

When choosing an interpretation partner, the client wants to be reassured that they work with a secured Interpretation Service Provider to receive a quality interpretation. With the ISO 4043:2016 Certificate, you increase customer confidence and win more international clients.


Date & Content

After passing the Certification Audit, you will receive the i-LICS International Certificate. If you want, you get a from ATC, UK at an additional cost of €120.

Fees include:

  • Registration
  • 2 Workshop sessions
  • Documentation (Standard texts, plus samples, etc.)
  • Special WhatsApp group to be connected with the group members and the Coach.
  • Certificate issuing fees 
  • Yearly registration fees for the 1st year
  • The online certification interview as a freelancer (1-2 hours)

Pay via Installments
6 Weeks /installment

Refund conditions: Please note that directly after successful payment, we reserve your seat and forward the fees to the certification body. For both reasons, those fees are logistically non-refundable. In case of any personal circumstances, you can ask for a replacement for a new upcoming session.
Please contact
Thank you for your understanding.

ISO 4043:2016

Workshop in April 2023

  • 1st Session: 2nd week of April 2023
  • 2nd Session: 3rd week of April 2023
  • 3rd Session: To be arranged individually
  • Online workshop via Zoom
  • Fees include Workshop & Certification
ISO 4043:2016

Workshop in May 2023

  • 1st Session: 2nd week of May 2023
  • 2nd Session: 3rd week of May 2023
  • 3rd Session: To be arranged individually
  • Online workshop via Zoom
  • Fees include Workshop & Certification
ISO 4043:2016

Workshop in June 2023

  • 1st Session: 2nd week of June 2023
  • 2nd Session: 3rd week of June 2023
  • 3rd Session: To be arranged individually
  • Online workshop via Zoom
  • Fees include Workshop & Certification
Note: Minimum No of trainees 6


In The first two sessions, you learn how to be well prepared for the 3rd session, the Certification Audit session.

The highlights of this course:

  • All necessary knowledge about the ISO organization and how they establish the different ISO Standards
  • All about the ISO 4043:2016 Structure
  • All that you need to know about how to develop the system documentation
  • All about the various ISO Standards of the industry
  • Practical recommendations to market yourself and your service to win international organizations and clients
  • Helpful suggestions about how to obtain professional knowledge In managing Translation / Interpretation / Localization projects.
  • Finally, the gift of the session: Valuable practical instructions and recommendations on how to use a simple "Translation Management System" as a freelancer.


  • University degree in linguistics, interpretation, etc., or
  • Any other academic background with two years of work experience as a full-time interpreter, or
  • Without any educational background, but five years of work experience as a full-time interpreter.

Target Groups

  • Business Owners of translation & interpretation services
  • Project Managers in the industry
  • Development Managers in the industry
  • Internal Quality Auditors of the industry
  • Consultants
  • Freelance translators & Interpreters

About Your Instructor


د. محمد علي إبراهيم


Top Skills  

Quality & Risk Management,
      Intercultural Skills,
Management Consulting
Master in Translation Studies
Master in Interpretation
Ph.D. in Quality & Risk Management
English, Arabic, German

- Austrian State Award
- International German Award
- SABRE International Award (PR Oscar)
-Best Practice Award, Vienna-Austria
-Top Expert 2021 and 2022 in Quality Management (Erfolg 2021 and 2022)

Publications المؤلفات
25 books (on Amazon) about Business Administration, Quality Management, and Translation Science.
The most important literature on the platform AMAZON

The Senior Lead Auditor ATC, UK And director of the Middle East at I-LICS (International Localization Industry Certification System) Vienna - Austria

Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim is an accredited Lead Auditor for the following Translation/Interpretation Standards
ISO 17100 for Translation Service Providers,
ISO 13611 for Community Interpreting,
and ISO 18587 for Machine Translation Post-editing

Plus 15 further ISO Standards in the Translation/Localization/MPE industry (ISO 9001, ISO 21001, ISO 29993, ISO 29991, ISO 29994, ISO 21989, ISO 20228, ISO 2603, ISO 24019, ISO 18841, ISO 21720, ISO 20771, ISO 22259, ISO 11669, ISO 23155).

  • The expertise includes Consultation, Training, and Certification.
  • A former member of the Standards Committee at the Austrian Quality Authority and participated in developing the European Norm EN15038 for the field of translation which became the basis for ISO17100:2015
  • Dr. Ibrahim acts now also as a "Senior Lead Auditor" for ATCC:
  • Conducted +750 different Quality Audits (Pre-Audits, Initial Audits, Surveillance Audits, and Recertification Audits) worldwide.
  • Key-note speaker at international sector conferences. Trainer, Coach, Consultant, and Lead Auditor since 1998.
  • Master in Translation Studies from Karl-Franzens University, Graz, Austria
  • Master in Interpretation from Karl-Franzens University, Graz, Austria
  • Ph.D. in Quality & Risk Management in healthcare institutions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the certification/re-certification/surveillance audit take?
– Agencies 4-6 hours
– Individuals up to 2 hours
What is the content of the certification/re-certification/surveillance audit?

– Just an interview to make sure the submitted documentation and qualification proof meet the prerequisites of the related standard. All aspects of the audit questions are listed in the certification scheme (see related link below).

Will the audit be conducted online or on-site?

Face-to-face interviews with the management and team members. A site visit must be arranged to inspect the infrastructure, work environment, etc. Under specific circumstances, we can arrange for remote audits, especially surveillance audits.

What documents should I prepare/provide as OPE (One Person Enterprise)?
  • Resume
  • University certificates
  • Experience & recommendation letters
  • All certificates of professional training and CPDs
  • Handbook (the above points + following the certification scheme)
Should I have a commercial office to be certified?

Not a must in the case of OPE, but as a TSP, yes.