Online Workshop ISO 18841:2018

Online Workshop ISO 18841:2018



The documentation and records provided to the trainees:

– ISO 18841:2018 Certification Scheme
– Complete sample Handbook Structure, which the trainee can use and fill out with their own data later
– A booklet about the explanation of the ISO 18841:2018 requirements, which include the original ISO Standard Requirements (Value $138)
– The complete Zoom voice record of the training sessions
– The accredited i-LICS Certificate (International Localization Certification System) upon passing the final assessment

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This course responds to the need to provide general service requirements for the provision of quality interpreting services. It provides requirements and recommendations for the delivery of spoken and signed communication across languages and societal contexts and throughout interpreting specializations. This course may be used in conjunction with other interpreting specialization standards.
Interpreters render spoken or signed communication across languages. Interpreting differs from translation, which is the rendering of written content into another written language.


This course specifies basic requirements for the provision of interpreting services. Additionally, it provides recommendations for good practice.

NOTE Interpreting specializations/specialized interpreting services can be covered by other International Standards (e.g. ISO 20228, Legal interpreting).



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