Translation Training | Localization Training | Interpretation Sessions which are Ideal for quality assistants, quality officers, quality managers, internal auditors,

external auditors, top managers, company owners, project managers, and entrepreneurs.


  • 1-10 Trainees Translation Quality Internal Auditor = €1500 instead of €2000 per person
  • 11-20 Trainees Translation Quality Internal Auditor = €1400 instead of €1900 per person
  • 1-10 Trainees ISO9001 Quality Internal Auditor = €1500 instead of €2000 per person
  • 11-20 Trainees ISO9001 Quality Internal Auditor = €1400 instead of €1900 per person

Discount valid until the end of the month. 

ISO Translation Training Sessions

To professionals working in the translation and localization sector
Individuals, companies, or translation departments in institutions
To all aspirants to achieve the requirements of the ISO standard
ISO 17100: 2015 For Translation Service Providers, or any other desired Standard of the Translation industry 
Here are some questions
Do you find it difficult to escape from the daily work to start your certification program?
Do you lake the experience to answer the many raised questions?
Do you read the requirements of the standard and can not apply them on the ground ? or do you apply but don't know if it is correct in that way?
Do lack knowledge about the nature of documents, records, and necessary procedures to complete the preparation for the certification audit?
Do you have the feeling that you and your team need specialized training on the standard requirements for the proper application?
Do you lake experience in dealing with the official Certification body, or with their certifying Lead Auditor?

All the answers to these questions and more can be found in
our Package:

"12 weeks of Training"
to get ready for your Diploma „Translation Quality Internal Auditor“, or „ISO Quality Internal Auditor“.
- Full and focused supervision for 12 weeks long by one of the world's foremost industry experts, and
Senior Lead Auditor of the Austrian Certification Body 
Dr. Muhammad Ali Ibrahim
- Complete Training Documentation
- 12 online sessions, each 3 hours
- 1st Diploma from „International Localization Industry Certification System“, Vienna - Austria
- 2nd Diploma from „International Qualification & Certification“, Vienna - Austria

You define the needs for action and the implementation of the specific QM, and Translation/Localization ISO Standard(s),
We deliver specialized Translation Training Sessions which are Ideal for quality assistants, quality officers, quality managers, internal auditors, external auditors, top managers, company owners, project managers, and entrepreneurs.

Quality Management Translation/Localization ISO Standards & ISO 9001: Courses & Certificates from Austria
Are you interested in further education or consultancy on quality management ISO 9001 and/or Translation/Localization ISO Standards“?

Today, quality management is indispensable neither for production nor for service provision. Systematic quality management creates a positive trait for the customers and confidence in the expected quality of your products and services. Therefore, quality management helps you reduce costs and avoid unnecessary costs and is also an important argument in marketing.

Besides the Translation Training Sessions in General Quality Management, we also offer Translation, Interpretation, and Localization Training Specific Quality Management ISO Training Sessions covering all ISO Standard Requirements in the Translation/Localization fields:

Requirements for Translation Service Providers, Interpretation Service Providers, Machine Translation-Post-editing, Interpretation Services, Healthcare Interpreting, Legal Translation, Legal interpreting — Requirements, XLIFF (XML Localization interchange file format), Conference systems — Equipment — Requirements, Simultaneous interpreting delivery platforms, Simultaneous interpreting — Permanent booths — Requirements, Simultaneous interpreting — Mobile booths — Requirements, Translation projects — General guidance, Simultaneous interpreting — Equipment — Requirements, Simultaneous Interpreting Quality and transmission of sound and image, Quality management systems — Requirements.

In-house TranslationTraining / Internal Training

We design Translation training for your specific Translation/Localization-Needs, for instance in case you are preparing for an ISO Certification. We involve using the company’s own expertise and resources. It’s highly specific and geared toward employees learning the ropes of your business. We conduct the training virtually, at your location, or at an outside venue.

Quality Management training & courses at your location can also be booked for in-house sessions. This variant is available if you would like to have several employees undergo a seminar at the same time. The advantage of this model is that we come to you in the company and respond to your company-specific problems suburb. Likewise, as a company, you save costs that you normally incurred for expenses and overnight stays of your employees at the seminar location

We also offer these sessions:

· Exclusively for your company

·  Absolutely practical workshops – tailored to your needs

· Flexible in terms of time, location, and content

We provide our Translation/Localization specialized training programs to companies interested in improving performance, minimizing risks, and avoiding the costly consequences of poor quality. We mainly focus on quality systems training combined with Translation/Localization-specific criteria, but we also offer customized training solutions for a variety of compliance and improvement approaches based on the different QMS standards and the specific Translation/Localization ISO Standards. Just ask for a meeting. free of charge.

Benefits of Inhouse-Translation Training

Thankfully, there are many advantages of In-House Training whatever the scope or size of your organization, these include:

  • Offers better value for money than outsourcing training
  • Ability to customize Translation training to the exact company needs.
  • For instance, design and deliver a management training program
  • In-House Translation Training is more flexible in terms of scheduling
  • Travel and subsidiary cost savings for employees
  • Ability to adapt training during delivery if needed
  • The company will develop its own tools which can also be commercialized
  • Improves internal communication within the organization
  • Fosters team building and better working relationships

Tips for Effective In-house TranslationTraining

  • Ensure that senior management firstly endorses the program
  • Set Translation training objectives that are specific and measurable
  • Involve employees in the development of the Translation training
  • Keep the training aims realistic and achievable
    Ensure that Translation training is in line with wider business development plans
  • Carefully select or recruit your trainer or training team
  • Evaluate the process and outcomes of any training delivered
  • Use in-house Translation training evaluation forms
  • Pilot new training programs with small groups first
  • Use a range of training tools including online and offline
  • Develop training materials on an ongoing basis
  • Check the internet for free resources and suitable training tools
  • Ensure that the budget available matches up with the training delivery needs
  • Aim to keep Translation training blocks between one and two hours
  • Provide rest breaks and refreshments for trainees where needed

Book and seize the opportunity to be accompanied by a professional international expert

who brings your company to the world with the Translation certification for the field

Translation ISO Strategic Meeting

Take advantage and talk to the Senior Lead Auditor,
Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim in a strategic Zoom meeting free of charge (Value $1500)

The Zoom meetings are intended only for Organizations, NOT for Freelancers

About Your Instructor


د. محمد علي إبراهيم


Top Skills  

Quality & Risk Management,
      Intercultural Skills,
Management Consulting
Master in Translation Studies
Master in Interpretation
Ph.D. in Quality & Risk Management
English, Arabic, German

- Austrian State Award
- International German Award
- SABRE International Award (PR Oscar)
-Best Practice Award, Vienna-Austria
-Top Expert 2021 and 2022 in Quality Management (Erfolg 2021 and 2022)

Publications المؤلفات
25 books (on Amazon) about Business Administration, Quality Management, and Translation Science.
The most important literature on the platform AMAZON

The Senior Lead Auditor ATC, UK And director of the Middle East at I-LICS (International Localization Industry Certification System) Vienna - Austria

Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim is an accredited Lead Auditor for the following Translation/Interpretation Standards
ISO 17100 for Translation Service Providers,
ISO 13611 for Community Interpreting,
and ISO 18587 for Machine Translation Post-editing

Plus 15 further ISO Standards in the Translation/Localization/MPE industry (ISO 9001, ISO 21001, ISO 29993, ISO 29991, ISO 29994, ISO 21989, ISO 20228, ISO 2603, ISO 24019, ISO 18841, ISO 21720, ISO 20771, ISO 22259, ISO 11669, ISO 23155).

  • The expertise includes Consultation, Training, and Certification.
  • A former member of the Standards Committee at the Austrian Quality Authority and participated in developing the European Norm EN15038 for the field of translation which became the basis for ISO17100:2015
  • Dr. Ibrahim acts now also as a "Senior Lead Auditor" for ATCC:
  • Conducted +750 different Quality Audits (Pre-Audits, Initial Audits, Surveillance Audits, and Recertification Audits) worldwide.
  • Key-note speaker at international sector conferences. Trainer, Coach, Consultant, and Lead Auditor since 1998.
  • Master in Translation Studies from Karl-Franzens University, Graz, Austria
  • Master in Interpretation from Karl-Franzens University, Graz, Austria
  • Ph.D. in Quality & Risk Management in healthcare institutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the certification/re-certification/surveillance audit take?
– Agencies 4-6 hours
– Individuals up to 2 hours
What is the content of the certification/re-certification/surveillance audit?

– Just an interview to make sure the submitted documentation and qualification proof meet the prerequisites of the related standard. All aspects of the audit questions are listed in the certification scheme (see related link below).

Will the audit be conducted online or on-site?

Face-to-face interviews with the management and team members. A site visit must be arranged to inspect the infrastructure, work environment, etc. Under specific circumstances, we can arrange for remote audits, especially surveillance audits.

What documents should I prepare/provide as OPE (One Person Enterprise)?
  • Resume
  • University certificates
  • Experience & recommendation letters
  • All certificates of professional training and CPDs
  • Handbook (the above points + following the certification scheme)
Should I have a commercial office to be certified?

Not a must in the case of OPE, but as a TSP, yes.