Online Auditing

In the dynamic world of language services, where the geographical location of team members spans the globe and digital platforms are the norm, i-LICS (International Localization Industry Certification Systems) stands as a beacon for innovative certification solutions. Recognizing the unique challenges and opportunities within the translation industry, i-LICS has pioneered a streamlined approach to ISO certification through online auditing, setting a new standard for efficiency and accessibility.

Traditional ISO Certification Bodies often necessitate on-site audits, which, while essential for certain sectors, can introduce unnecessary complexity, cost, and time delays for language service providers. This conventional method overlooks the inherently digital and dispersed nature of the translation industry, where professionals work remotely, leveraging cloud-based project management and language technology systems.

At i-LICS, our deep understanding of the translation industry’s landscape has inspired us to tailor our certification schemes for remote delivery. We acknowledge that the physical location of your team or the existence of multiple offices is secondary to the quality and compliance of your services with ISO standards. Our certification process is designed to reflect this reality, utilizing the latest remote conferencing technology to conduct thorough and effective audits.

Our adept auditors are equipped to gather the necessary objective evidence and assess your conformity with ISO Standards remotely. This approach not only facilitates a more rapid certification process but also significantly reduces associated costs. The flexibility and efficiency of online auditing mean that i-LICS can offer ISO audits worldwide with expedited booking times, ensuring that your certification journey is as smooth and swift as possible.

However, we also maintain the flexibility to conduct on-site audits when necessary, such as for certifications that require physical verification, including ISO 27001 for information security. Our team of expert auditors is prepared to visit your premises, conducting in-depth audits in alignment with the specific requirements of your certificate’s scope, all while accommodating your schedule.

i-LICS is dedicated to providing language service providers with a certification process that acknowledges and aligns with the industry’s modern operational realities. By choosing i-LICS for your certification needs, you opt for a partner who not only understands the unique challenges of the translation industry but also strives to overcome them through innovative, tailored solutions.

For language service providers looking to navigate the certification landscape efficiently and effectively, i-LICS offers a path forward. Embrace the future of ISO certification with i-LICS’s online auditing process and experience the benefits of a certification body that truly understands your world. Contact us today for an initial consultation and discover how we can facilitate your certification journey, keeping your needs, challenges, and opportunities at the forefront of our approach.

We invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our auditors, accompanied by a free quotation, without any commitment on your part.