How to retain your translators and other team members

To keep your company growing, it is vital to retain talent with experience. A high turnover rate of such staff could not only result in cost and time to replace them but also creates a loss in overall productivity, burdens existing employees, and adversely impacts goodwill.

Respect: Treating individuals with respect brings in a sense of belonging to the workspace, which cultivatesHow to retain your translators and other team members integrity and professional behavior. Recognizing efforts over the period and appreciating them with due respect is an awarding initiative for those accomplishing individuals. To foster this professional environment, business’s today must look to adopt and promote concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Culture of failure: Human errors are a specific area in all industries; how they are reacted to is what differentiates the working cultures. Admitting this fact and creating a culture where failures are accepted provides a functional space for employees to learn from them and further improves existing & future results.

Fairness of payment: An obvious way to retain your top talent is to offer salaries that are better than the industry average, along with excellent perks. Helping their work-life balance by offering flexible work schedules, time-offs, remote work options, etc., recharges employees to keep up with their performances and avoid any stress due to work, thus encouraging them to stick around.

Learning and growth: Companies must offer employees opportunities for career advancement and professional growth through upskilling and succession planning. Providing employees opportunities for professional development keeps them engaged, target oriented, and focused on meeting the business mission statement at large, playing a significant factor in their retention.

Technology: Adopt technologies that empower and engage employees to execute their daily duty effectively. This fourth Industrial revolution is based on technology, and people value businesses that build a strong working foundation around it.

The above thoughts resulted during the ISO Audit of the Translation Service Provider AGATO, based in Dubai. We applaud their top-management team: Dr. HadiAbughazala and Mr. Waqas Akram, who practice the criteria mentioned above in their company.

Author: Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim, senior lead auditor of TÜV Austria and director of the Middle East at I-LICS Vienna – Austria. He is a lecturer, coach, and instructor for various quality-related subjects covering several ISO standards. He firmly believes that Quality Management Systems and performance results have a strong link and should be an ongoing process.

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