Unfortunately, Mr. Ganzoury did not attend his mandatory Surveillance audit according to EN 15038. He thus lost the validity of his LCIS EN 15038 certificate. Furthermore, we would like to announce that there are some translators and translation agencies with invalid EN 15038 certificates because of the same reason as above, despite indicating to their customers that they are still certified. Please note that your customers usually ask us, and that you shall lose them permanently if you do not tell them the truth.
Moreover, we shall ask our lawyer to take legal action in case of repetition. A valid certification means that LICS & The Austrian Standards Institute confirm that the certified companies and individuals still fulfill the standard requirements in accordance to the international standard EN 15038 and this can only be done by means of a mandatory Surveillance Audit.
Former certificate holder was not allowed to use our logos or the invalid certificates since 30th of August, 2011 as the relevant contract with “Austrian Standards plus Certification” was terminated:

EL GAnZOURY Essam One Person Enterprise (OPE)
8 Wally Street, Koubry El Koba
Fa.Reg.Nr: 114256
Translation Services

Date of Certification: 2010-04-01

Certificate No.: S 2010 019