The Hiding Worriers by Samy Shalaby

Don’t you ever imagine that it is an easy task to be a fair caliber talented enthusiastic patient Lead Auditor which all work together leading the Auditor towards success in his work. It all starts with the magnificent talented qualified performance in her small community leading her team through 14 years from success to the other without complaining ever. It is not strange for her to receive a compliment from one of our clients
Dear Nermein,

Hope this email finds you well? I’m just back to work from maternity leave; I miss working with you and our SALT team very much ;-)

So, succeeding as a Lead auditor is a fair judgment from Austrian Senior Lead Auditor Dr. M-Ali Ibrahim who expected her to enrich the Translation industry in our country as a strategic target of granting this high valued certificate.

On behalf of SALT Team and my self, Thank you Nermein, we expect more from you, SPTL for example :) :) 

Samy Shalaby