Machine translation undoubtedly is a time and cost-efficient addition to human translation. Many thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Translation (MT) is gaining immense popularity in the translation industry. Just like human translation, machine translation also has different levels of quality, and it can be further improved by ‘post-editing’. The growth in machine translation has in turn given rise to job profiles in language service providers.

What is ISO 18587 and what does it mean for Machine Translation providers?

ISO 18587 is an international standard that covers the translation and localization prerequisites of worldwide organizations and to take on and measure earnest, high-volume translation orders, machine translation is important in specific situations. The new ISO 18587 standard decides “the prerequisites for the cycle of full-service human post-editing of machine translations and the center abilities of the post-manager”, was presented in 2017. Full-service post-editing expects to deliver a book tantamount to a human translation and light post-editing, which only means to make the machine-translated text comprehensible.

Why you should go for ISO 18587 certification?

To keep up high regard for big names in the translation business, and particularly for the organizations that depend on the use of translation recollections, other translation assets and work processes including MT, we would highly suggest getting familiar with the ISO 18587 standard.

Based upon the purpose of your Machine Translation service,  getting ISO 18587 for your Machine Translation service will be the perfect gift you can give to your organization.

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