ISO 17100: Raising the bar for Translation Services

While choosing a translation partner, you want to be reassured that you are working with a secured service provider to make sure that the translation is correct.

 Why You Should Check For ISO 17100 while working with a translation service provider?

ISO 17100 is an international standard that makes sure that the ascribed translation services provider works to the preset Quality Management Systems. It is a process-standard that sets conditions for achieving quality by following the translation process it defines.

This standard ensures that the involved project managers, translators, revisers, proofreaders, and reviewers meet specified criteria. This makes ISO certified translation services providers trustworthy as you are already sure that your work is handled by the subject experts.

 What are the benefits of ISO 17100 certification?

Translation Services Certification assists translation companies in delivering the best practice and high-quality translation service.

Here are a few advantages of  the ISO 17100 framework:

  • Improve communications – Using the ISO 17100 standard terminology for translation and language services, will improve communication with your customers.
  • Increment customer confidence– The ISO standards give customers and partners trust in your capacities, helping you fortify existing connections and win new business.
  • Improved service –ISO 17100 can assist you with conveying a solid and reliable service by reforming your processes.

Are you ISO 17100 certified? If not, your company is missing out on the opportunity to eliminate the financial barrier in terms of international trade. The ISO 17100 standard is for institutions, agencies, translation departments, and individual freelancers as well.

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