How significant is ISO 20771 certification for legal translation services providers?

Multilingual communities and global businesses have increased the requests of legal departments dramatically over the last few decades. As more private ventures contact international audiences, caseloads start to accumulate.

Law offices not just depend on language translation agencies and expert legal interpreters to deliver high-quality and exact content inside quick turnaround times but also expect them to be exact and have a top to bottom comprehension of current legislations along with legal terminology

Why Should Legal Document Translation Services be ISO 20771 certified?

Legal translation is one of the riskiest and challenging translation domains. The explanation is that law is culture-dependent commonly, and hence legal translation requires excellent information on the source and target cultures the same.  Also, the legal translation space is unified with no margin of error, as the mistranslation could have cataclysmic outcomes.

ISO 20771 certification empowers the legal translation services to exhibit congruity of their legal translation services and their capability to keep up a degree of quality in legal translation services that will meet the customers and other relevant requirements. This standard specifies the core processes, resources, secrecy, professional development requirements, preparing and different parts of the legal translation administration gave by individual translators.

How significant is ISO 20771 certification for legal translation services providers?

In an unregulated industry like translation, it’s basic for a supplier of legal translation services to be confirmed by a Higher Authority, such as one of the internationally recognized Certification Bodies where calibers of the field work as Lead Auditors.

At i-LICS / TUV AUSTRIA, our ISO certification scheme endorses the criteria and recommendation of ISO 20771 and enables legal translation services providers to achieve the certifications. Get in touch with meand book a Strategic Meeting to discuss the details. Free of Charge. ISO 20771is for organizations, interpretation service providers, and freelancers as well.

Contact me and book a strategic meeting to discuss the details. Free of charge.

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