A dream poster for Project Managers starting in the Language Industry

…and for all of us who need to decipher those dastardly ISO Language Codes

👉 Be honest now – how many codes do you know?

🎁 Mystery prize for the top score ha!

Knowing Language Codes:
1. Most prospective direct clients will not know what these codes mean…so it’s best not to use them in your public-facing comms
Remove codes from your LinkedIn headline and replace them with a long format so that you’re more easily recognized in search results.

2. Even those within the Language Industry will only know some of the codes!
*I definitely wouldn’t win a prize 😆

3. ISO gives two main options for Language Codes
2-Letter & 3-Letter!
Some languages have both which is just confusing (e.g. EN & ENG), many only have the 3-Letter option!

4. There are also ➖️ to show language variations like PT-BR for Brazilian Portuguese or FR-CA (which is French Canadian, not French-Catalan 😅)

So yes ➡️ Codes can be Confusing!

👇 This is just a bit of fun my friends, but feel free to add your corrections and Comments. Although I don’t commit to making any updates to this quick graphic…for illustrative purposes only…you can’t catch them all 😉

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